Catalogue of the Greek Inscriptions in the 

National Museum in Warsaw

 Collection of the Greek inscriptions in the National Museum in Warsaw (Poland) sustain from over 120 objects. Adam £ajtar (Warsaw University, Department of Papyrology) and Alfred Twardecki (National Museum in Warsaw, Department of Classical Art) have prepared the Catalogue of these inscriptions. Happily the book was brought to the daylight in September 2003 as a Supplement II of the Journal of Juristic Papyrology

As an announcement of the future electronic site devoted to these inscriptions prepared by National Museum in Warsaw, you will find below a list of Greek inscriptions of the Warsaw Collection and several information about chosen objects. The Catalogue itself was primary thought to be prepared in cooperation with PETRAE program and because of that presented text is written in French.

The project of the on-line English publication of Greek inscriptions from Warsaw is now shifted because of financial reasons. 

Technical notes:

·         Greek parts of text are written with sgreek font by Silver Mountain Software

·         Zbigniew Doliñski has copyright for the unprocessed photographs. 

·         Alfred Twardecki is responsible for the on-line edition of this Corpus and all remarks and questions please send to him (

Alfred Twardecki                                                                                                                                          Warsaw, 21.10.2003

PS. I would like happily announce that you may find on-line publication of the inscriptions at this place. Because of the usual problems with Greek fonts please note, that below every page with published inscription you find attachment with PDF file.

Alfred Twardecki

1.     Title and Table of Contents

2.     Avant propos  

3.     Introduction

4.     Note to Present Edition

5.     Annexe I: Inscriptions qui se trouvaient auparvant au Lyceum Hosianum a Braunsberg et sont perdues aujourd’hui

6.     Abbreviations

7.     Annexe II: Liste des pieces qui portent l’inscription “Beihilfe der Provinz

8.     List of the Greek inscriptions

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